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Elevate Your Website with Seamless Design Plans

From regular updates and enhancements to new features and optimizations, our design plans offer flexibility, affordability, and peace of mind.

Wix Website Design Maintenance
Wix Fix Building Client Websites with Design Plans
Wix Agency Whitelabel Services.
Wix Fix Builds Wix Studio Design Plan Clients

Unlock continuous design support and elevate your website's aesthetics with our flexible design plan subscriptions.

Smaller Projects
Flexible Timelines
Unlimited Requests
On-Going Design Changes

Save 5% on additional hours and larger projects fees.



2 Monthly Design Hours

Save 10% on additional hours and larger projects fees.



4 Monthly Design Hours

Save 20% on additional hours and larger projects fees.



6 Monthly Design Hours

Need Assistance on Multiple Websites?

Agencies and Freelancers need help too. Sometimes you can get overwhelmed with work at any given time. Feel better knowing we have your back!

Unlimited Websites

Save 20% on additional hours

White Label


Up to 2 Full Website Builds & 30 Design Maintenance Hours

Unlimited Websites

Save 5% on additional hours



12 Monthly Design Hours

Unlimited Websites

Save 10% on additional hours



18 Monthly Design Hours

Unlimited Websites

Save 20% on additional hours



30 Monthly Design Hours

Save $250

We also offer affiliate commission for your clients joining our Design Plans. Check it Out

Get Design Advice from a Top Wix Website Designer

Unsure if the Design Plans are Right for You?

Meet us to find out if our design plans would be the best option for you. 

  • Where Can I Submit Design Requests?
    Once you join a plan, you will gain access to a dashboard where you will be able to submit your requests.
  • Can I Cancel My Plan Anytime?
    Of Course! You can cancel at anytime! But keep in mind, if you cancel, then Wix Fix will not work on any more design requests after the month ends. We do have contractual terms for some members, but if they do not want to continue after the contract ends, then they too are free to cancel.
  • What Qualifies as a Small Project?
    A small project can include adding a page, setting up a new feature or service, etc. Keep in mind, depending on your plan, we will only have a set amount of hours to work on your request per month. If we are not able to complete the design work in the allotted time, depending on your request, then it will be continued in the next month or you can request additional hours at a discounted price. Having any content ready for us will help us complete the design work faster.
  • What Would Not Count as a Small Project?
    Larger projects would be designing your whole website or adding several pages. However, we are flexible with different payment plans and offers discounts on larger projects for our design plan members.
Submit Requests for Wix Fix Design Plans
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