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Get started on the right foot. Our freebies will give you guidance as you build and launch your website for maximum results.

Wix Fix - Free SEO Checklist for Wix

How to make your website rank high on Google? A key component is search engine optimization (SEO). Download the Wix Fix SEO checklist to ensure your website’s SEO is set up correctly!

Wix Fix - Free Branding Worksheet

Gain clarity on your brand personality, focus, and client base and how those details will relate to your website planning and design.

Wix Fix Offers Free Worksheets for Wix Users
Free SEO Checklist and Branding Worksheet for Wix

Want Some Freebies?

Who doesn’t right?


Set yourself apart from the competition with purposeful site navigation and professional SEO set up. Grab the Wix Fix SEO Checklist and Website Planner - A sitemap plan is included, for free!

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