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Velo development

Customization is the next step to a personalized online experience for unique engagement and specialized interactions.

Wix Fix offers custom Velo coding.

From a bespoke hover interaction to a tailored search result to a fully personalized shopping experience - make it your own.

Custom Velo Interactions for Wix and Editor X

Custom Solutions

Create your own website experience for your users.


Custom Cursor

Collapsible Sections

Header Transition

Tab Selection

CMS & Filters

Wix Fix Velo Experts
Wix Fix - Velo Exerts


Meet Diana

Diana has been helping with Velo projects for our clients and YouTube tutorials since the beginning of 2022. Since then, she has joined the team as the official Wix Fix Velo Expert.

​Not only does Diana understand Velo, but almost any request you may have, she can complete the work in less than a week.

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