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Automated Slideshow in Editor X

In this lesson, we will be using Multi-State Boxes to create an automated slideshow. Have a custom slideshow that automatically go through the slides without then need for users to press buttons.

Editor X: Automatic Slideshow


$w.onReady(function () { var states = ['box2', 'box1']; var stateNumber = 0; function slideShow() { $w('#multiStateBox1').changeState(states[stateNumber]); if (stateNumber<states.length - 1) { stateNumber++; } else { stateNumber = 0; } setTimeout(slideShow,6000); } slideShow(); });


In order for this code to work, you must make sure you either change the name of your multi-state box to "multistatebox1" or change the code to match what name you have given the element. Same goes for the states in your multi-state box.

Have fun!

If you need assistance with setting up your Velo code, then we can help you out! Just click here to receive help.


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